M y P a g e s Curriculum Vitae

curriculum vitae


Olivia Kyriakopoulou is a designer of functional art objects and a jewelry professor at the School of Fine Arts of Western Macedonian University, Greece. 

Born in Greece, into a goldsmithing family, she studied jewelry at London Guildhall University. She went on with her ΜΑ in Fine Arts at London Metropolitan and ventured to create an utopic reality through photograghy, contemplating the effects of personal perspective on artistic outcome. She had already started teaching, which intrigued her, ergo her PhD in Pedagogy: “The cognitive and theoretical dimension of art with emphasis on jewelry and ceramics as small scale sculpture.” She has always been fascinated by the qualities of diverse materials used in jewelry and has written two books: “Material Masks” and “Material Technology”. 

Throughout her artistic endeavors, Olivia seeks to discover the beauty within materials, making use of their distinctive properties and shaping them into art objects of her own device.  

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